Pinedale Area Fishing Report from Two Rivers Emporium (5/16/2017)

It looks like the seasonal run-off is in full swing and it is going to be a “hum dinger”.  The large snowpack laying in the Winds will produce a lot of water for a long period of time this year.  Currently, there are still a lot of low snow drifts of significant size yet to melt.  This portends for a protracted run-off which will produce some big, nasty looking water for the next several weeks.  The streams probably will not be at their best for fishing until the second week in July.  This being the case, think about stillwater fishing.  The ice is off most of the lower lakes around Pinedale and it will not be long before you can reach all the lakes such as Green River, New Fork, Willow, Fremont, Half Moon, Burnt and Boulder, which offer good catching opportunities from a boat or fishing from shore.  Do not forget about the smaller lakes like Soda and Meadow.


If the projected weather patterns hold for the next several weeks we will experience a later than normal run-off, but we will have some excellent fly fishing beginning in mid-July and continuing through September.


One thing is certain; the weather and water conditions will change periodically throughout the next several weeks.  Please feel free to contact us for current fishing and water projections. (307-367-4131 or e-mail